We seek to invest in companies with enabling technologies that can address large replacement markets. Their unique value proposition offers an order of magnitude in price/performance improvement to currently available solutions.

Focus areas

Our primary focus and interest lies in the domain of micro- and nano-electronics, nanotechnology as well as advanced materials. Based on our expertise, experience and network as a team, we clearly focus and strive to build ‘clusters’ in specific application segments: Semicon Processing & Metrology, Communications & Networking, Green3 and Consumer Electronics & Multimedia.


Capital-E invests primarily in early stage companies. We might step into the capital of a company with only a prototype version, but also with sales over € 1M. Our initial investments are conservative to mitigate early risks in ventures. We prefer to lead deals and co-invest in subsequent rounds of financing all the way to liquidity. Syndications are made early on to ensure a sufficient capital base over the life investment cycle.

Investment size

A typical venture investment is normally within the range of € 0.250M to € 1M initially and scaling to € 7,5M per company over multiple rounds.


Investment style

The fund’s team play a hands-on role from the time of initial investment to liquidity. We are willing to step in as real partners and active board members. Capital-E cultivates business relationships with strategic and financial parties that can be very beneficial to the portfolio companies. Although demanding, the intensive involvement of our whole team (not just financially backing) does ensure careful strategic decision-making and superior results for investors and entrepreneurs.


Our geographical coverage is primarily Western Europe, with a specific focus on the Benelux as our home territory. We are also actively pursuing co-investments with partner VC’s in the Benelux, UK, France and Germany. Our strategy is to build a European wide portfolio of companies that ‘cluster’ within the chosen application segments. Hence we can leverage on the synergies emerging among the different portfolio companies.